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Nueva Vizcaya has pride itself of its farmlands, enriching its industry and now is fast becoming the fruit basket of the Philippines and proudly calling itself the Citrus Capital of the Philippines due to high quality citrus products grown locally. While mining its rich mineral deposits is being discouraged with ordinance law becoming stricter and paving the way for a more eco friendlier industry, mining is still a big part of its business industry. The local government though has introduced other means of livelihood especially since there are fresh natural water streams and rivers that flows through the province, Tilapia Farming has become an enormous industry.

The province's culture is preserved at the Peoples Museum and Library Park while other attractions and leisure recreation can be found out at Capisaan Caves in Kasibu made up of variety of rock formations, and also the 5th longest cave in the country. The Imugan Falls in Santa Fe is a great place for picnic, swimming and family fun while mountain climbing and trekking lovers should go to Mount Palali located in the towns of Quezon and Bayombong with views overlooking other municipalities and that includes Mount Pulag National Park. The Balete Dalton Pass in Santa Fe, The Mapallao Falls experiencing the hanging bridge and the Lower Magat Eco Tourism Park in Diadi with its verdant view of forest and faunas. The Provincial Capitol of Bayombong which has a 1000 hectares of beautiful landscape is dubbed as the Luneta of the North. The Panagyaman Festival is one of their pride festivals celebrated in the month of May.

The Province of Nueva Vizcaya offers more than just mountain peaks, breathtaking waterfalls or mystical caves, its historical attractions, agricultural lands, flowers and eco tourism, it also offers the warm friendly atmosphere and hospitality that the Novo Viscayanos are proud. Welcome to Nueva Vizcaya.

Must See Places

  • Capisaan/Alayan caves. Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya
  • Imugan Falls.Sta Fe, Nueva Vizcaya
  • Provincial Capitol. Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
  • St.Vincent Ferrer Church. Dupax del Sur, Nueva Vizcaya
  • People's Museum and Library. Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
  • Mt. Palali. Bayombong and Quezon towns
  • Mt. Pulag National Park. Ambaguio, Nueva Vizcaya
  • Mapalyao Falls. Quezon, Nueva Vizcaya
  • Dalton Pass Park and Tourism Complex. Sta Fe, Nueva Vizcaya
  • St. Dominic Cathedral Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
  • Mt.Ugu. Kayapa proper, Nueva Vizcaya.

Best Buys in Nueva Vizcaya

  • Citrus and oranges (Orange Alley, Brgy. Busilac, Bayombong)
  • Littuko/rattan fruit (Orange Alley, Brg. Busilac, Bayombong)
  • Buko pie (Brgy. Tuao, Bagabag)
  • Mt. Fresh products (forest fruit jam and jelly) - National Highway, Sta. Fe
  • Tamarind balls (NV Kapitbahayan, NVSIT Comp., Bayombong)
  • Walis-tambo (National Highway, Sta. Fe)
  • Rattan furniture (National Highway, Sta. Fe)
  • Cutflowers (gladiola, chrysanthemum, anthurium etc.) (Kayapa)
  • Pineapple (National Highway, Bagabag)
  • Fossilized flowers (Flora Igorota, Bayombong)
  • Fruits and vegetables (Bambang & Solano Market)
  • Baskets (National Highway,Sta. Fe)
  • Daintys Special Bibingka (Nat'l Highway, Almaguer north, Bambang)
  • Native Wines & Freshly Grined Coffee. Heroes blvd, Bambang

Where to Eat

  • Dutch Pancake House. Solano | Tel. No. 078-326-7981
  • Gorio's Sizzling. National Road, Bayombong | Tel. No. 078-805-1232
  • Saber Inn. National Road, Bayombong | Tel. No. 078-321-2222
  • Ohashi Sushi and Sashimi Bar. Galvez Bldg., Bayombong
  • Bacolod Grill. National Road, Bayombong | Tel. no. 078-321-2136
  • FTM Food Fiesta National Road, Bayombong | Tel. No. 078-321-2572
  • Breads and Bites Restaurant.National Road Bayombong & Bambang | 078-326-6085
  • Forget-Me-Not Restaurant/Mongolian Barbecue Solano
  • Todit's Grill. National road, Bambang

Places to Stay

  • Saber Inn National Rd. Bayombong | Tel. No. 078-321-2222
  • Juel Garden Hotel Hilltop, Bambang | Tel. no. 078-803-1315
  • Rafael Inn Gaddang St., Solano | Tel. No. 078-326-7343
  • MY Dream Garden Hotel National Highway, Solano| Tel. no. 078-803-1315
  • Melissa Lodge HNational Highway, Solano | Tel. No. 078-326-540
  • Villa Margarita Mountain Resortel Km. 260 Busilac, Bayombong | Tel. No. 078-326-5501
  • MC Capitol View Inn National Highway, Bayombong | Tel. No. 078-321-2001
  • Highlanders Hotel National Rd.,Bayombong
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